GXF6-15N5S Optical splitter distribution box


  • The box is made of the high strength engineering plastics, with compacted size and light weight;
  • It has inlet holes for both open and concealed wires, to meet various applications;
  • It apply to SC adapter and fast connector;
  • It is allowed to preinstall the PLC splitters with the maximum optical distribution ratios 2:32 or 4x1:8, speically suitable for FTTx fiber inlet in PON technique.


straight through,branching,passive splitter

Splitter type:
micro splitter
Splitter installation position:
splitter fixing bracket
Adaptor type:
Max ratio:
2:32 or 4x1:8
Splice tray type: 10#
Splice tray quantity:
5 pcs
8 figure soft cable, general outdoor cable,indoor wiring cable
Standard accessory:
box one set
Optional accessory: PLC splitter,SC adaptor,fast connector,bundle pigtail,ribbon pigtail